Prairie Poetry   
  Country Program

Our favorite story was of Dan McGrew--
How Uncle John could dramatize that tale!
But all of us had something we could do
At program time held at the country school.
Some children spoke their piece, some did a skit,
Ruth read some Dickens, Sam his latest poem.
At music, later, Grandpa was the hit.
He whistled, played a saw, jew’s-harp, and comb.
We all sang hymns, then Luke led us in prayers.
Boys bid for box meals, minds on female charms,
While we adults dismissed our usual cares;
We talked and laughed, then home to waiting farms.
These folk programs, our kind of simple art,
Refreshed the mind and lifted up the heart.

  Don Thackrey
  Copyright © 2007 Don Thackrey
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