Prairie Poetry   
  Momma's Souvenir

Rickety old rocker still keeps the beat
As it did forty years gone by
When the boys brought it home
from old route sixty-six,
Yet a neon glow in the sky
Old fry- bug- zappers cracked into the night
We had nothing but the land
And off on the highway, the old banjo picker
Played cowboy songs with his band
Down at Motel bar, the one on the left
With lanterns of Christmas gone by
We danced underneath them that New Year's Eve
While the boys shot them out, we got high
Belt souvenirs of the night, they said
When we drowned in Tequila and lime
A gift for you, Momma, to hang on your mirror
To always remember this time
When we danced till we fell
And we laughed till we cried
I took those old lights to be mine
They hang on my dresser, would they still light
the night
If I only just took the time?
Rickety old rocker, a sent kiss from the past
Creaks with the memories gone by
When the boys brought it home from old route
When the neon lit up the sky

  Janet K. Brennan
  Copyright © 2007 Janet K. Brennan
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