Prairie Poetry   
  Salsa Serenade

So what if I dance in the moonlight
long after you've gone to sleep?
The neighbors don't see
It's dark and I'm happy
there in our yard
my body dressed in silver
arms and legs moving
to a Latin prairie beat

If you woke up,
you could be Ricky Ricardo
singing babalu and playing fast bongos
to my Lucy or maybe
I'd be Carmen Miranda dancing
down a star-filled staircase
while you follow and pick
tropical fruit off a headdress
that reaches to the sky

I can hear your snores through the window
so I keep doing my moonlit mambo
my arms wrapped around a
romantic leading-man ghost
while the night heats up with
far-off sounds of Cuban salsa
and my heart moves with
its hidden joy

  Terry Angelo
  Copyright © 2007 Terry Angelo
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