Prairie Poetry   
  Laddies'  Last  Cowboy

My days they are numbered,
By fence posts and snow,
And the shadows get longer,
The further I go.

The miles seem endless,
Winter raises his toll,
Age makes us both stumble,
And walk rather slow.

But I'm still in the saddle,
And grateful for that,
For out here on Laddie,
Life shines and is fat.

Yes, I know He's a waitin,
With cold chilling hands,
He wants me to help Him,
In keeping His plan.

The snows just get deeper,
The fence harder to see,
As Time drifts on by us,
He whispers to me.

"You are my last cowboy,
The end of a line.
Why don't you just rest now?
You've earned peace of mind."

Thanks, but I'll keep on riding,
And thinking I'm free,
Out on this vast prairie,
Just Laddie and me.

  Oren Wagner
  Copyright © 2006 Oren Wagner
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