Prairie Poetry   
  Memory Candy

When my mind is muddy water,
and life is fat with black cavities,
frosted from cold reality,
I treat myself.

I turn time.
Soft September breeze brushing bare ankles,
lazy, lakeside lolling and Kenny Chesney
telling tales.

Mascara runny from laughter,
emotions dancing on waves,
and shoulders browned, gently toasted.
Memory candy.

I taste the wind whipping my hair,
and roughing the road, sun glaring,
a ’78 Dodge Power Wagon
taming time.

You drive, I tap to the music,
and I know no marvel will
steal this moment - 
caffeine for the soul.

It sticks to me like sweet sultry syrup,
my chocolate thru life’s limbo.
Sweetness wrapped in hours lures
heaven nearer.

  Shari Paget
  Copyright © 2006 Shari Paget
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