Prairie Poetry   
  Prairie Lonesome

Looking through a frosted window
at a prairie drifting white.
I’m feeling prairie lonesome
and it sure is cold tonight.

Now the coyotes’ sing a plainsong,
no comfort does it bring.
It’s a night I surely need you
wishing you’d come back again.

You loved this wild old country.
You were my Prairie Rose.
Thought we’d always be together,
Ain’t it funny how life goes.

I know you’ve gone to heaven
and I know the Lord’s done right,
but you’re still my sweet beloved
and I ache for you tonight.

Need to shake this prairie lonesome
and I pray for morning’s light.
I miss my Prairie Rosie
and it sure is cold tonight.

  Marvin Hass
  Copyright © 2006 Marvin Hass
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