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Prairie Poetry - January 2006 Edition
Winners of the 2005 Peer Awards

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Vicki Goodfellow Duke - White DandelionFriends Prize Winner

Daniel Thomas Moran - Recalling Pipestone Minnesota

Kirstin Stoner - More Than Anything . . .

More Award Winning PoemsPeer Award

The Peer Awards were inaugurated in 1999. The awards for 1996, 1997, and 1998 were judged by individual authors. Beginning with the 1999 awards, authors whose work has been published at Prairie Poetry are invited to nominate poems for the Peer Award monthly and select the winners from a group of finalists annually.

The criteria for nomination is that, in the judgement of their peers, the craft and vision embodied in these works merit special recognition. The works, usually three, receiving the most nominations for a calendar year are awarded this honor.


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Vaughn Fritts

John Gallagher
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Peter Gorham
Richard Hagen
Marvin Hass
John Heck
David Hill
Becky Jackson
Robert D. Jackson
Lois Jones
Randy Langenberg
Elisabeth Lee
Rhonda Lundquist
Marilyn Maher
Francis Masat

Nadine Miller
Robert H. Nunnally Jr.
Naomi Patterson
Judith Quaempts
Mary Robinson
Vernon Schmid
Clair Sircoulomb
Mark Smith
Douglas Thiele
Eldon Turner
Orren Wagner
Lynn Westbrook
Elizabeth Wiley
Don R. Wilkins
Loren Wilson

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