Prairie Poetry   
  Where Do Straw Dogs And Sacks Of Men Die?
(a plea for those living homelessly):

Straw dogs
sacks of men
lay bayoneted
into the husks
of half-lives,

their brick skeletons
finally subside,
and yield to the Vultures
Instilled in them,

And the first come
first serve
basis of erasure**
is measured out on them.

And all this played
on the streets,
an epic stage
For this wild
of distant two worlds
in a limbo of peace :

But where then do straw dogs and sacks of men die ?

Where sagging on the bland sky-lines
The luminous empty office-blocks shine ( ? )
no not
Watching from a million closed windows
Not seeing the rattle
of it so near ( ? )
Where the silence
Sits unspeaking,
Just Watching her own breathing,
Where goya
Is winter-caped
In half-read papers and

Where the dreary whisky
Grins talk on benches
Sat in every night ( ? )
The answer is :
Wherever straw dogs
And sacks of men lie.

  John-Wesley Harding
  Copyright © 2005 John-Wesley Harding
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