Prairie Poetry   
  Canyon Winds

Jedediah Strong Smith,
Tom Fitzpatrick, John Fitzgerald--
canyon winds in canyons herald
names of mountain fame and myth.
Outside the boundaries of the passes,
warm winds part the prairie grasses,
ripple every pond and creek
with news of Colter, Glass and Meek
and Bridger, Walker, scores of others--
mountain men and mountain brothers,
along with Blackfoot, Crow and Sioux,
all, meeting at the rendezvous.
"No, they're gone now," someone said,
"Old Ephraim got 'em. Or an arrowhead."
--Gone? Gone? Jed Smith and Glass?--
Listen to the wind in a mountain pass.

  J.D. Heskin
  Copyright © 2004 J.D. Heskin
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