Prairie Poetry   
  In Full Swing

This morning came in a flurry
A certain sadness clipped the leaves
On the ornamental tree in my kitchen window.
Berries shrunk in on themselves
Orbs of summer flesh hardened
To become a nasty nut.
Grass huddled against the earth
Trying to avoid the inevitable
Brush of hard kiss of frost.
Only the garden stones untouched
Grateful to see light between drooping stalks.
Steamed pane to hides the throes
Of dying summer struggling for last thrust
Frozen green defiantly dare the clouds
Stubbornly staring down those who browned
On the first hint of the fatal Fall.
Even the birds gripped the bare branches
Shocked at the suddenness of snow
Pushing them to break free and fly.
After the shock, comes the thrill of knowing
As night follows day and warmth follows cold
There is beauty awaiting a full fling of snow.

  Carol Desjarlais
  Copyright © 2004 Carol Desjarlais
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