Prairie Poetry   Peer Award Winner
  In Summer Come Black-Eyed Susans

Missouri is rolling
out behind us
and I'm crying for her
in my rear-view mirror
I keep my window down
on purpose so I can touch her
silk May breezes
and let her Sunday morning
sunshine break
across my bare toes
I realize you don't know her
the way I do
mother and child
love and punishment all tucked
into one
broken package

focusing on your road home
you fail to see sunsets
and prairie flowers
let's slow down
not worry whether we make it
across the border anytime soon
you didn't hear the convenience
clerk sing
thanks honey, come on back soon
when I paid for our gas and your smokes
just north of Kansas City
you didn't look for her graciousness
just around the corner
it could have kissed you
you were so close

I'm riding
You're driving
I'm counting peony bushes
and wild road-side iris
as we jet past
I'm trying to pick them for you
if you would only slow down
I could give you a whole
May bouquet

  Heather Knowles Cottington
  Copyright © 2004 Heather Knowles Cottington
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