Stain Repellant:


The nicest laundromat in town has a
Big white sign, red letters say
On Thursdays washes only 60 cents.
Get a bargain with sixteen loads-
Only twelve dollars.
The nicest laundromat in town
Employs a white doorman
Who doesn't help me carry in a
Month's worth of soil.
My wicker Wal-Mart basket is
Missing a handle, it
Balances on my hip like
An abortion gone sour.
My sheets were covered in cat fur and
Cigarette ash, the white towel was
A little crusty.
I'd run out of socks so I'd reworn them
Inside out-
Brown now, on both sides.
A cleanish white sweater
Hid my soil so no one would see.
The nicest laundromat in town offered
Carpet, cable and a hot dog stand.
The attendant smiles real big
But doesn't speak English.
The door man is lazy but also
Smiles real big.
I avoided his eyes
So he wouldn't see my soil.

Sarah Yost

Copyright © 2000 Sarah Yost

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